Our mass transit expertise includes work with rail and bus companies, major transit agencies as well as with federal state and local governments. Our expertise includes electrical, mechanical, civil engineering and construction services.

We offer expertise in engineering for all electrical systems in the guideway, station, and parking facilities. This includes manhole layout, power and communication ductbank routing, traction power distribution, train control and communications, traction power substation, station drops, platform routing, access points, wayside train control cabinet drops and associated other facilities. For station facilities, we provide design services for power, lighting, HVAC, public address system, CCTV, communications, train control, fare collection, cathodic protection, platform lighting, and variable message sign system.

Miami People Mover Power & Communications Improvements

Houston Light Rail Planning, Traction Power, Power Distribution & Underground Electrical Utilities

Miami Palmetto Extension Electrical, Traction Power, Station & Site MEP